Posted by: Richard @ | January 16, 2008

Notes in electronic format

As mentioned yesterday I have now converted my RSCG2 Part 1 notes into electronic format.  This is something I intend to do at the end of each chapter to help etch subjects in my head one last time.

Here are links to version 1 of my notes for each of the subjects listed below (word format):
Ethernet Basics
VLAN’s and VLAN Trunking
Spanning Tree Protocol – 802.1d
Spanning Tree – Cisco PVST+
Spanning Tree – 802.1w (Rapid)
Spanning Tree – 802.1s (MST)
Spanning Tree – Protection
Interface Bundling inc. LACP/PAGP

Sorry the links have been removed temporarily…..

Very enjoyable reading! 🙂


  1. aww man…why were the study notes removed =(

  2. Hi Howie,

    The study notes have been removed because when I have time I am going to wrap all of my notes into a downloadable e-book that can be automatically updated as and when I update my notes. Otherwise, because of my continuous editing a few document revisions could be circulating around, some of which will more than likely contain errors.

    Are you looking for notes on a particular subject?


  3. Dear Richard

    am following your step day by day and am trying my level best to achieve the same Target CCIE RS .
    Waiting for the notes and wish that you can us ccnp note coz i dont know from where i can get it .


  4. Hi ‘Gsword’,

    That’s great to know that someone finds the blog useful 🙂

    As far as the notes are concerned I plan to convert them to e-books when I’m finished with them (hopefully no errors). In the mean time the newsletter contains snippets of my notes each month.

    Thanks again,


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