Posted by: Richard @ | January 20, 2008

Week 2 comes to an end

Another week has passed and I haven’t got to desperation point yet so things are going well.  I am actually enjoying picking up a few little things that I didn’t have a clue about before starting my CCIE studies.  The real hard work (for me anyway) starts now, Part 3 represents a lot of the core topics I need to have an in depth understanding of to get through both the CCIE written and lab exams.

Today I have spent time buying a bureau for my studies and I am now updating this blog from my stairs landing, believe it or not this is the best place for me!  Too many distractions downstairs…..
I was considering buying a fold-out table but have been very frustrated with veneered rubbish in the past and so I have ended up buying a used Stag Minstrel Bureau for just £60, a bargain!

I have studied the ‘TCP/IP Transport and Application Services’ chapter this evening in addition to having a quick glance over my Friday night notes.  A very tedious night indeed!

A useful URL I have come across is:

VRRP Object Tracking

I am now going to read through all of my notes and get ready to start Part 3 of RSCG2 tomorrow evening.

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