Posted by: Richard @ | January 21, 2008

Day 1 of Week 3

I hit my first major challenge this evening; I had an idea this would happen but tonight has confirmed what I had previously thought; that I just regurgitated frame-relay concepts to achieve my CCNP – I simply don’t know enough about the technology.  I hit this ‘snag’ when working through Inverse ARP, I haven’t got a chance of really understanding IGP’s in depth if I don’t thoroughly understand why they act differently over different frame-relay interface types.  I will be reading through the following Cisco documents to try and get a level of knowledge I so desperately need if I am to move on with confidence:

Frame Relay

Configuring Frame Relay

Fortunately, I now work for a company that has deployed frame-relay circuits so I can also take a look at those.

On the plus side my notes for multi-layer switching total a massive nine lines, one of which is the title ‘MLS’ and six of which are a table!  I don’t think I will hit such a major strength and major weakness in one night again.

Here are some other useful URL’s I have read through this evening:

Cisco IOS IP Switching Configuration Guide, Release 12.4

Configuring Policy-Based Routing

Tasks for tomorrow night:
Review all ‘IP Routing’ notes
Debug different switching methods and run through CEF show commands
Lab frame-relay
Use command memorizer (where applicable)
Self Test on ‘IP Routing’
Read Chapter 8 ‘RIP Version 2’

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