Posted by: Richard @ | January 24, 2008

Day 3 of Week 3

I decided to take a small step back today; I have a ‘todo.txt’ file on my desktop that has been growing in size at a fast rate and I didn’t want it to grow too big, with that in mind I ran through a number of small tasks listed in the ’todo’ file covering spanning-tree, first-hop redundancy protocols, and PBR and I have to say I’m feeling pretty good with things now I have got them out of the way.  I also took the opportunity to read through and test myself on all my notes so far.

A useful piece of information from one of my PBR tasks:
If you need to lab PBR and happen to be using router loopback interfaces as the source and destination of the traffic (e.g. forcing ping sourced from R1 L0 to R2 L0 down a different path compared to R1’s routing table) you need to apply the policy to the router itself as it is router generated traffic, you can do this by using the following command at global configuration level:

ip local-policy route-map ‘route-map name’

I have managed to read the RIPv2 chapter in the RSCG2 book (just in case you aren’t sure what RSCG2 stands for it is ‘CCIE Routing And Switching Certification Guide 2nd Edition’ (and that’s why I shorten it J)

I found two very useful URL’s when looking for more information on RIPv1/v2, here they are:

Cisco IOS IP Routing Protocols Configuration Guide, Release 12.4

Cisco IOS IP Command Reference, Volume 2 of 3: Routing Protocols, Release 12.2

I think I will be using the two documents extensively over the next few weeks…..

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