Posted by: Richard @ | January 27, 2008

Day 6 of Week 3

Another week comes to end and I think I may have run off-course slightly, don’t get me wrong I have covered a lot in the last week but because I have stopped following my study plan to the letter I’m struggling to gauge my process.

I haven’t mentioned in the past what happens as far as study time is concerned during weekends (the written study plan I have published only mentions weekdays).  Just to clear things up I take a night of on Saturday and do the usual two hours on a Sunday night (that’s why this post is ‘Day 6’), for the last three weeks I have been very tempted to pick up RSCG2 on Saturday night but I have stopped myself because:
a) I need to spend time with Leanne; all week with a four year old and a one year old leaves her desperate for some adult conversation!
b) a break really does me good

Anyway, here is what I have covered the theory of during Friday night and tonight:
Default routes
Maximum number of paths
Distribute lists
Prefix lists
Administrative distance and how to correct suboptimal routing (the other method being distribute-list + route-map referencing tag(s) to ignore)
IGP order of preference

And here is a useful table to remember:

Default Route Method RIPv2 EIGRP OSPF
Static route + redistribute static Yes Yes No
default-information originate Yes No Yes
ip default-network Yes Yes No
Summary routes No Yes No

I still need to cover ‘Authentication Keys’ in full and then lab all the items above before finishing of RIPv2.  I’ll also use command memorizer before moving on.  Hopefully once I get to the end of RIPv2 I will be able to gauge where I am up to again

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