Posted by: Richard @ | January 29, 2008

Week 3 summary

Here’s a quick week 3 breakdown:

During week 3 I focused on protocol independent features and RIPv2.

Details of my third week:
Total Study Hours = 14
Total Lab Hours = 3.5

What I have studied:
Policy based routing
Default routes
Maximum number of paths
Distribute lists
Prefix lists
Offset lists
Administrative distance and how to correct suboptimal routing
Route tags (theory only)
Redistribution (theory only)
IGP order of preference

Test scores:
IP Forwarding = 9/10
RIPv2 = 7/8
+ Use of command memorizer

I am now ready to move onto EIGRP but have a back-log of notes that really need tidying up (‘Cambridge’ pads like to fall-apart) and the easiest way to do that is to put them in electronic format.  As mentioned previously the conversion is also a great way to refresh a few things in my mind.
My black pen has now run out so I need to buy another – not a priority on my Daughters birthday (she’s 4!) so tomorrow night will be used entirely for typing up notes, because of this I won’t post anything new tomorrow.

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