Posted by: Richard @ | January 31, 2008

Day 4 of Week 4

The fourth night of my fourth week of studying and for the first I have had one of those nights when nothing at all registers; I have been reading the words in the book and on the screen but my brain simply hasn’t been processing them, and it would have been the case if I was learning about something simple like the history of baked beans!

I have only made one page of EIGRP notes tonight and I’m surprised I got those down, I believe I may need to look at my learning method(s) if this continues for another night but the best fix is probably a good night’s sleep!  We hosted Carys’ fourth birthday party at our house yesterday with nine of her friends running around and I have to say I probably learned more in those two hours than I will throughout my CCIE studies, democracy goes out of the window with four year old girls!  Very tiring indeed….

I think one of the main problems I have had tonight is that RSCG2’s EIGRP chapter is effectively a quick overview (not much detail at all).  I have found myself reading online EIGRP documents and documents I have stored locally on my hard drive looking for in-depth CCIE level information and have basically got to a point where I have too many sources of information.  I believe the authors of ‘CCIE Routing and Switching Certification Guide’ were given an impossible task when asked to put ‘CCIE in a book’, it probably equates to trying to squeeze an elephant into a mini metro, and the book has suffered as a consequence of this L
I am seriously considering purchasing Jeff Doyle’s ‘Routing TCP/IP, Volume I, Second Edition’ and ‘Routing TCP/IP, Volume II’ books because they seem to tick all the boxes for what I need from my main information sources for IGP’s and EGP’s (and if I am to be a ‘proper’ network technician I should really own them).  Unfortunately, they will set me back more than £100

Lastly, here are a few useful EIGRP URL’s (basics):

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