Posted by: Richard @ | February 1, 2008

Day 5 of Week 4

A very good evening indeed tonight! J

I decided to focus on just three EIGRP information sources at the beginning of the evening and it has meant that I have probably made up for yesterday evening’s waste of time.  They were RSCG2, Cisco’s ‘Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol’ document, and the extensive notes I made when working through EIGRP for the BSCI exam.

I should take this opportunity to mention something I didn’t include in my blog post last night; the EIGRP chapter within RSCG2 has an error in the first few pages that subsequent pages are based on – the error being the formula used for the default EIGRP composite metric calculation – I advise that any readers studying for CCNA/CCNP/CCIE seek an alternative source for EIGRP metric information!

I believe I should have EIGRP wrapped up on Sunday night because I have about 30 minutes worth of notes leftover to make and then that will give me a good chunk of time to lab EIGRP.  I’m not looking to get too in-depth at the moment or concerned about lab speed, I will just work through the EIGRP specific notes I have made (configuration + show/debug).  A quick self-test after that, and then I’ll move onto OSPF on Monday – if all goes as I plan…..

Here’s something interesting that my colleague mentioned to me today; he told me that he has witnessed a router’s IOS version being carried in EIGRP messages, I ‘googled it’ but without any luck (however I did find-out about EIGRP TLV’s), I have also searched the EIGRP header format and all of the TLV’s I can find without unearthing anything.  Unfortunately, I don’t have time to find out (and maybe it’s not so interesting L) so if anybody else can clarify the situation I would appreciate it.

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