Posted by: Richard @ | February 13, 2008

Day 3 of Week 6

A quick update of what I have been for the last few days:

I have got a good amount of studying done so far this week; 5 hours across Monday and Tuesday and 4 hours yesterday – I had a ‘change’ scheduled for 10:00pm at work (when the call centre closes) and therefore I didn’t bother driving home only to try and squeeze dinner, the children’s bath/bedtime, study, and then a drive back before 10pm.  I was a bit naughty and didn’t eat very well in the evening (a flapjack!) so by my own-admission although the continuous 4 hours was great I could have made a little more of the opportunity if I had looked after myself.

One thing that quickly became apparent is that I need to spend a little more time with all the technologies I have studied so far, although I am very confident with many of the areas I need to make sure I know all the ‘nitty gritty’ details, that’s the difference between the CCNP and CCIE.  I am blessed with having a fellow CCIE wannabe next to me all day and we fire random questions at each other to keep each other on their toes.  Even so, OSPF and Frame-Relay remain two areas that I have basically learned to regurgitate some of the theory (which you could say is good enough for the written exam) but don’t really really understand everything as well as I want to – I’m a bit of a perfectionist (or a fascist according to my old manager L).  I have decided now isn’t the time to move onto BGP and therefore I am going to use the rest of this week to lab almost everything I have covered so far.  I did have a two week ‘gather your thoughts’ period scheduled for after BGP but I am now going to use one of those weeks earlier than planned.Here’s what I wish to include in the lab I am going to create (some of it isn’t very specific):

  • Bridging and LAN Switching
    • DTP (VLAN’s)
    • VTP & Trunks
    • dot1q in dot1q
    • Private-VLAN’s
  • Spanning-tree
    • Cisco PVST
    • 802.1s
    • 802.1w
    • Protection
  • IP Addressing
    • Intelligent addressing
    • NAT
  • IP Routing
    • Policy Based Routing
    • Switching methods
    • RIPv2
    • EIGRP
      • Metrics
      • Stub router
    • OSPF
      • DR/BDR
      • Frame-relay
    • Protocol Independant
      • AD’s
      • Default routes
      • Path load sharing
      • Redistribution inc. route tags
      • Distribute lists
      • Prefix lists
      • Authentication
      • Summarisation

A couple of other things to mention:

1) I have agreed to become a member of the CCIECommandMemorizer development team; this should be ideal for both parties as I can add anything new/current which isn’t yet included whilst at the same time I will be etching commands and command sequences into my mind

2) My new and shiny ‘Routing TCP/IP’ books have arrived J

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