Posted by: Richard @ | February 29, 2008

BGP Humidity

Amongst a number of BGP features (peer groups, route reflectors, and communities) I have also taken a look at BGP dampening during the last couple of nights, I have put together a few diagrams that explain the process as I understand it.  I haven’t managed to find a good slideshow plugin to add to this page so I would advise that you click on the images from top to bottom in sequence or download them to a directory (right click –> save as) before viewing them, the diagrams can be found below:

BGP Dampening Image 1 

BGP Dampening Image 2 

BGP Dampening Image 3 

BGP Dampening Image 4 

BGP Dampening Image 5 

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how I have managed to maintain feeling quite fresh whilst studying BGP, I remember studying BGP for the BSCI exam and I felt like I had aged ten years by the end of it!  This time around it all just makes sense and I actually look forward to what each night may bring J

I am almost at a point when I need to convert my BGP notes into an electronic format and then start lab’ing – I think I may be with BGP for more than the 10 days I have mentioned in the past and because of this and my decision to change my primary learning resource I will amend my written study plan once I have finished my BGP studies, I will post the updated version on this blog.


  1. I like the slides. You blog contains some really useful learning resources. I think I shall become a regular reader. Thanks!

    Kevin Dorrell

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