Posted by: Richard @ | March 5, 2008

Day 3 of Week 9

The notes I have made for BGP using Jeff Doyle’s ‘Routing TCP/IP, Volume II’ and to a lesser extent the Cisco DocCD are now ready to be converted into electronic format.  I am pleased with how my studies around BGP have gone so far and intend to have BGP ‘wrapped up’ by the end of the week; I just need to spend some time with Dynamips, David Bombal’s CommandMemorizer, and have a good look through the BGP command reference to make sure a) I know of a given command and b) I know what it does.

As mentioned previously I have been putting together some diagrams to help ‘ram home’ suppress/unsuppress-maps and advertise-maps on BGP aggregate routes, suppress-maps are quite funny because you have to detach yourself from the words permit and deny and think of permit as ‘don’t advertise’ and deny as ‘do advertise’ – a bit backwards!  I have completed an advertise-map document (using aggregate-address ‘prefix’ ‘mask’ as-set summary-only advertise-map ‘route-map name’) and here is the result:

BGP Aggregate Advertise-Map - Before 

BGP Aggregate Advertise-Map - After + Problem 

BGP Aggregate Advertise-Map - Advertise-Map application 

BGP Aggregate Advertise-Map - Side Effect 

The end of BGP will be a major milestone in my studying towards being ready for the CCIE written exam and I think I can start looking at possible dates for the 350-001 exam, my written study plan needs adjusting slightly but I’m probably about two weeks off what I originally predicted on my study plan so I’m not going to book it too early J  Starting next week I intend to spend a week or two catching up and testing myself, and because of this I intend to purchase Boson ExSim in the very near future.

You may hear less from me over the next few nights but if I come across anything interesting I’ll be sure to let you know.  I will try  to post about inbound soft-reconfiguration and upload the suppress-map document.

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