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Week 9 summary

Week 10 takes me into CCIE study week double figure numbers and I have to say the previous 9 weeks have flown by! Well, that’s from my perspective; it’s probably not the case for Leanne, who is still being extremely supportive J

I decided to go ahead with the purchase of Boson’s 350-001 ExSim package for $99 (about £53 inc. charges) on Friday evening and my first impressions of the software and level of questions are good, the only thing that is concerning me at the moment is the word ‘Wireless’ appearing in the topic selection list; I believe I’m correct in saying that wireless is no longer on either the written or lab exam blueprints?!? If I’m wrong please tell me! If it’s not I might need to contact Boson to make sure the exam represents something like what I will see on test day….

Week 9’s summary is below:
Study time:
Study Hours = 12 inc.
Lab Hours = 0

Total study time so far:
Total Study Hours = 113 inc.
Total Lab Hours = 10

What I have studied this week:

Recent test scores:
BGP = 18/20
This was the first self test I did using Boson ExSim and I selected a random 20 question

After spending 4 nights (8 hours) typing up all 23 pages of my BGP notes I finally got to a point where all of my notes are now in electronic format, thank goodness for that! I am now going to start a two week ‘break’ period, during which I hope to go over everything I have studied so far and a few other things, here the list of tasks I have set for myself:

  • Review all notes
    • Add to GLBP notes
  • Setup scenarios from my notes in labs using dynamips and 2950’
  • Add diagrams explaining a number of concepts/theories to my notes:
    • 802.1w port categorization and recommended configuration
    • Private-VLAN port types
    • 802.1Q in 802.1Q
    • Advanced NAT scenarios
    • Default route options (all protocols on one diagram)
    • Summarisation options (all protocols on one diagram)
    • OSPF neighbor state machine
    • BGP and the RIB
    • BGP message formats (I will be aiming for something in-between this and this)
    • BGP communities
    • BGP route reflectors
    • BGP confederations
    • BGP aggregate address suppress/unsuppress-maps
    • BGP and route tagging (BGP à IGP à BGP)
  • Contribute to the development of David Bombal’s CCIE Command Memorizer
  • Bring this weblog up-to-date by uploading a number of tables and diagrams
  • Self-test on the subjects I have studied so far using Boson ExSim
  • Update my written exam study plan and upload to this site
  • Convert my notes into e-books
  • Add explanations of the following commands to my notes:
    • distribute-list prefix ‘name’ ‘direction’ ‘igp’ ‘no.’
    • distribute-list prefix ‘name’ ‘direction’ ‘interface’
    • match community ‘no.’ exact
    • bgp dmzlink-bw + neighbor dmzlink-bw + neighbor send-community
    • no bgp enforce-first-as
    • bgp graceful-restart
    • bgp inject-map
    • ip policy-list
    • neighbor advertisement-interval
    • neighbor next-hop-unchanged
    • neighbor ttl-security
    • template peer-session
    • traffic-share min across-interfaces

Once all of that is completed I will be ready move onto QoS – I foresee some long nights ahead when I reach QoS L

I’m going to hold-off booking the exam for a little longer as I don’t want to leave myself short of time; two hours per-evening is what I have agreed with Leanne and it is only fair that I keep to that for as long as I can. I have no reason to rush, although I am finding that I’m approaching CCIE studying a bit like when I find a good book; I rush to the end to find out what happens and then regret it when I’ve finished – I then don’t take as much in during a second reading due to a lackadaisical approach.

Lastly for today; here is a useful table of regular expressions I added to my notes yesterday evening along with some examples:


What it matches
. Any single character (inc. space)
[ ] Any character listed between the brackets
[^] Any character except those listed between the caret and the right bracket
A range
? Zero or one instances of a pattern
* Zero or more instances of a pattern
+ One or more instances of a pattern
^ Start of a line
$ End of a line
| Either of the patterns
_ (Underscore) A comma, the beginning of the line, the end of the line, or a space


ip as-path access-list 1 permit ^$
Permit routes with nothing in the AS_PATH (i.e. internal –> AS will not be a transit AS)

ip as-path access-list 1 deny ^1$
ip as-path access-list 1 permit .*
Deny routes starting in AS 1, permit all other routes

ip as-path access-list deny _60_
Deny routes with AS 60 in the AS_PATH (not 160, 600, etc)

ip as-path access-list 1 permit ^4_[0-9]*$
Permit routes learned from AS 4 and all directly attached AS’s to AS 4

You can also test a regular expression using:
show ip bgp regexp ‘regexp’

As an example; here is the output of show ip bgp regexp _65531_ on R3 of this topology:

 show ip bgp regexp


Network Next Hop Metric LocPrf Weight Path
*> 0 65532 65531 i

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