Posted by: Richard @ | March 11, 2008

Private VLAN’s

I have been making my way through a few diagrams I wish to create during the next two weeks that I listed for you a couple of posts ago (Week 9 Summary).  The idea being that I add to some of the areas that my notes are relatively thin, whilst ingraining the theory/commands in my head.  I have just completed Private VLAN’s (including port types), you can find a three drawing ‘strip’ detailing why, how, and where to use particular Private-VLAN commands below:

Private VLAN’s - Before Implementation

Private VLAN’s - Traffic Control Requirements

Private VLAN’s - Post Implementation (Physical Diagram)


  1. Hy Richard!
    this is one of the best ccie blog i read and I read it almost every day. I admire your work. pls tell me what program do you use to make such nice diagrams?
    thanks a lot.

  2. Hi Florin,

    Thanks for your comment.

    I get asked this quite a lot actually, but believe it or not it is Microsoft Visio; the Professional edition includes a few extra shape stencils, one of which includes the shapes I use for routers, switches, hubs etc.

    Many thanks again


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