Posted by: Richard @ | March 12, 2008

Just one command would be great thanks!

Here is another diagram from my list detailing each routing protocol’s default route/path options, the great thing about creating this diagram from my perspective has been the fact that I’ve had to go to the effort of setting up each scenario in a lab; which is something I hadn’t done up-to-now!

Please note the diagram is rather large and needs the use of zoom so you may want to download it first (Right click à Save target as)

Routing Protocol Default Route Options

I was given a bit of a telling-off by Cisco IOS whilst creating the BGP section!  I thought to myself ‘How will BGP handle a aggregate?’ and I got this back:

R1(config-router)#aggregate-address summary-only
% Aggregating to create default makes no sense,
use a network statement instead.

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