Posted by: Richard @ | March 24, 2008

Week 11 summary

Hello again,

A summary of my CCIE R&S study week 11 can be found below:

Study time:
Study Hours = 11  inc.
Lab Hours = 0

Total study time so far:
Total Study Hours = 133  inc.
Total Lab Hours = 12

What I have studied this week:
Ethernet Basics
Spanning Tree Protocol
Interface Bundling
IP Addressing
IP Services

Recent test scores:
All subjects so far =
72/80  (90%)
41/50  (82%)
43/50  (86%)

The weeks seem to be flying by at the moment!  I’m putting in as many hours as I can but when I come to the time that I need produce the information above I think to myself “did I not do that last week? is that all I have done? I did most of that tonight!”
Maybe I need to look at my time management, especially when I have an evening of overtime planned at work.

I wasn’t too pleased with my test scores (especially the second one) so I took a look at the outputs of the Boson reports; I expected to find obvious gaps in my knowledge but to my surprise the peaks and troughs have no pattern whatsoever other than a trough in two of the Boson reports for ‘Bridging and LAN switching’ à  I’ll take another look at that but “does that mean I need to be doing generally better?”

Unfortunately, I haven’t completed everything I intended to over the last two weeks but I am going to move on to ‘QoS’ regardless of this.  I feel I have covered everything I have looked at so far in enough depth, and I have grasped the concepts well, so I don’t think I will hang around because I haven’t put together pretty looking diagrams for everything I wanted to, speaking of which – here is a BGP Message Formats diagram:

BGP Message Formats

From looking at my study guide I know things may get difficult from now on; QoS, IP Multicast, IPv6, and MPLS are all technologies that I have minimal experience of, as detailed below:

QoS à I’ve read a book, VOIP exposure, AutoQoS……

IP Multicast à After reading a book I configured PIM spare-dense mode at Blackpool Council but I left before CCTV was streamed using multicasting.  IP multicast isn’t configured here at Findel because we don’t use any applications that have a need for it.

IPv6 à I have had a ‘play’ in the lab….

MPLS à No experience whatsoever! (The CCNP covered the basics, we have IP Clear here at Findel which means no visibility of within the cloud)

I might look at the possibility of attending a course……

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