Posted by: Richard @ | April 11, 2008

CCIE Command Memorizer

A ‘CCIE R&S Command Memorizer’ announcement:

The CCIE R&S Command Memorizer software has had a revamp; new scenarios have been added, the content has been refreshed, and it’s had a facelift!

A video demonstration of the newer version of the product can be found on the product home page – click here to be taken to it

I was lucky enough to test a beta version of the new product before the new release and the tasks and the general experience have been improved a great deal.  My name has been added to the credits which was very nice of David to say all I have contributed so far is a few Spanning Tree Protocol tasks – David has done all the hard work!

Whilst I’m posting I’ll give you a quick update of my recent activities:

I have now finished making notes for all of the QoS technologies listed on the written exam blueprint and I spent Wednesday night working through my notes and setting up scenarios in Dynagen, and then I spent last night ‘in the lab’.
I have noticed that Priority Queuing and Custom Queuing have been appearing on one or two questions when I have been using my test databases. I can’t see any mention of the two queuing methods on the written exam blueprint, but because I know they may feature on the lab I am going to spend tonight making some notes and putting all of the theory into practice using Dynagen (see my previous post and specifically my statement about written exam preparation).  After I have completed that, I will use the remainder of the week to spend more time ‘in the lab’ and I will do a few more QoS tests.  I’m finding that when I study each element of QoS I’m not having any difficulty grasping the concepts but when I get quizzed about them I suddenly realize I’m not retaining as much information as I’d need to be L

One piece of advice I would give to a CCIE candidate that hasn’t reached QoS yet à Don’t do what I did and bundle everything together (i.e. all three chapters of RSCG2), I’m regretting approaching QoS as one big subject because when I look back I know if I had broken it up into smaller pieces (e.g. 3 pieces!) I wouldn’t now be struggling with the details so much à A lesson learnt…

I am currently putting the finishing touches to a video demonstration.  I have created video demonstrations in the past and I have found that they are a great way to ensure that you not only understand the theory of a given networking concept/technology but that you also have to know how to implement it.  I just need to work out what is the best way to publish it on….

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