Posted by: Richard @ | April 28, 2008

Week 16 Summary

Well, that was a very unproductive week indeed…

Week’s Study Time:

Study Hours = 9  inc.
Lab Hours = 0

Total study time so far:
Total Study Hours = 195.5  inc.
Total Lab Hours = 17

What I have studied this week:
IP Multicast (IGMP, CGMP, and DVMRP recently)

Recent test scores:


I didn’t manage to take the momentum I had in Week 15 into Week 16.  After a very “stop-start” week I have only managed to reach what I imagine to be a ¼ of the way through my IP Multicast coverage, and obviously that doesn’t fit-in with a two-week target of time allocation! L  I don’t expect to hit the target, but to try and get somewhere near it I will be filling out an annual leave form this afternoon to request two days off-work this week – hopefully it will be ‘signed-off’ and I can then dedicate an extra 15 hrs to IP Multicast.


For the first time in my studies I think I need to start with the basics again for a technology.  I also experienced this during my CCNP studies – when I have covered Multicast in isolation from other technologies I don’t have a problem with it but when it’s near the end of a ‘marathon of unicast based studies’ nothing seems to register – I lose the ability to take a step back and look at the larger picture, instead focusing on areas that will make more sense further down the learning track.
My main problem is with IPv4 Multicast Routing at the moment, I’m comfortable with IGMP, CGMP and IGMP Snooping but I’m waiting for that ‘moment of clarity’ for the routing side of things that enables me to move on to the next technology confidently.  I think I could answer written exam questions correctly; but that’s not enough for me
à I need to have 100% confidence in my understanding of each protocol.


I have noticed that Internetwork Expert is planning to offer training outside of America for the first time à it will be happening in the UK in October.  They are offering places on 12-day and 5-day R&S bootcamps in London – here is a link.
I won’t be looking to attend the bootcamp myself; I don’t think a bootcamp suits my learning style and the dates are probably a bit too soon for me, but it may well be exactly what other CCIE Candidates in the UK are looking for.  I am however going to look into what more focused courses OneTrain have available to address my weaknesses post-written exam.  I have attended training courses at their training centre in Cirencester on a couple of occasions in the past, it’s a lovely part of the country, and they provide great food…..  oh, and the training was superb


Here is a quick-reference table that I have added to my notes recently:

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