Posted by: Richard @ | May 6, 2008

Week 17 Summary

Week 17: “A little better”….

Week’s Study Time:

Study Hours = 17  inc.
Lab Hours = 0.5

Total study time so far:
Total Study Hours = 212.5  inc.
Total Lab Hours = 17.5

What I have studied this week:


Recent test scores:


For all of my efforts! I have been unable to fit IP Multicast into the two weeks I had assigned to it.  I am quietly pleased about this however, if I had got ‘close’ to ticking everything off my Multicast checklist I might have been tempted to move on to the next technology to hit the deadline, however, that would have been silly of me because I would be the first to admit IP Multicast is definitely one of my weakest areas of understanding/real-life experience.  I have decided to spend another week with IP Multicast and during this week I will be allocating a couple of days to ‘the lab’ to make sure I can map all of the theory to practice (especially MSDP/Anycast RP).

I am also going to try to put-together a QoS ‘Part-2’ video during this time, after watching the original video I thought to myself “That’s all very well and good demonstrating how to mark traffic, but I really should demonstrate how you can manipulate the flow of the marked traffic….”

I will be updating the dates on my study plan because I will be two weeks behind schedule by the end of this week; this should give me an idea of a date to book the 350-001 exam for….

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