Posted by: Richard @ | May 19, 2008

Week 19 Summary

Week 19 à “it just didn’t get started” L:

Week’s Study Time:

Study Hours = 3.5  inc.
Lab Hours = 0

Total study time so far:
Total Study Hours = 231.5  inc.
Total Lab Hours = 18.5

What I have studied this week:
Dynamic ARP Inspection

Recent test scores:

What a horrendous week!

I feel confident in my understanding of many of the IOS security features available on Cisco routers/switches (I’ve either deployed them or read about + had a play with them) and so, on Monday evening, I decided to skip my standard note-taking step and move straight onto typing up notes à a good start to the week followed, but then Tuesday evening arrived and everything came to a sudden halt! à five days of myself, Leanne, and the Children tossing, turning, and complaining in bed followed – ‘the dreaded lurgi’ had hit us all with the force of a lorry!

Thankfully, we’re all feeling much better now and the break has forced me to take a step back and ‘focus’ on clear targets for the upcoming weeks à my 350-001 exam date will be on 08/07/08 @ 10:30am
Time to move up a few gears!

I have now updated my study guide with some new target dates for the remaining technologies I need to study; I will be ‘starting-again’ with Security tonight

I’ve noticed another Internetwork Expert Brainteaser has been published – unfortunately, I’m going to have to be ‘strong’ and get-on with my studies à with a date set I can’t allow myself to get side-tracked again.  I am keen however to see the solutions people produce because it’s a very interesting scenario indeed.

I put the main study material I will be using for “Security” together during a short period of study last night; I will be using four Cisco documents extensively:
Catalyst 3550 Multilayer Switch Software Configuration Guide, Rel.12.2(25)SEE
Catalyst 3560 Switch Software Configuration Guide, Rel. 12.2(44)SEE
Cisco IOS Network Management Configuration Guide 12.4
Cisco IOS Security Configuration Guide 12.4

I think the new Cisco documentation is a big improvement on the old – I now have four pdf books to read
à how straight-forward! J

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