Posted by: Richard @ | June 11, 2008

Week 22 Summary

Week 22 à “Almost there….”

Week’s Study Time:

Study Hours = 13  inc.
Lab Hours = 2

Total study time so far:
Total Study Hours = 271  inc.
Total Lab Hours = 20.5

What I have studied this week:
MPLS Unicast IP Forwarding
Other MPLS Applications

Recent test scores:
– I’m very disappointed that Boson’s Exsim doesn’t have a MPLS category L

I must be amongst the worst bloggers in the Cisco blogging community!  My apologies about the lack of useful/resourceful posts over the last couple of weeks – I’ve been sidetracked by something important recently (I might have an announcement to make in the near future….)

To try and make up for it you can find a downloadable presentation below, I created it for myself last week and thought someone else might find it useful – it covers MPLS VPNs:

The presentation starts with MPLS Unicast IP Forwarding and then moves on to MPLS VPNs including many of the CE to PE routing options available (some knowledge is assumed).  Please leave a comment if you would like a copy of the full configurations of the provider routers (inc. comments I have added) – it might make the mud a bit clearer.
I really enjoyed studying MPLS and hopefully with the written exam homestretch within sight I’ll experience the same with the next technology.

And the next technology for me to cover is IPv6. ….and I’m really struggling to motivate myself for this L (yes, that scuppers my plans to enjoy studying it to some degree J).  So far, I have taken the same approach for all of the technologies I have studied – i.e. read à take written notes à convert to electronic notes à lab-it à review à self-test à final review, I really can’t be bothered go through all of that for IPv6!  Especially with my exam date approaching fast!  I quickly realised last night that although IPv6 isn’t a core topic you need to understand many aspects of it and how it affects ‘real’ networks à IP Addressing, Routing (+ Routing Protocols), Multicast Routing, Tunneling (migration) etc etc.  Up until now (i.e. CCNP) all I have had to learn about is EUI-64 and a few other things – the CCIE written and lab exams expect a lot more from you!  I might decide to ‘mix-it-up’ and take a different approach to my IPv6 coverage.

Lastly for this post, please may I ask that any errors in the presentation are pointed out to me via a comment à I’m new to MPLS and I expect I have made a few of them…..


  1. A couple of things:

    1) WordPress has suddenly started leaving a huge gab before a table (1 cell used) – I can’t get rid of it but thought a post with a gap was better than no post at all….

    2) I have received some helpful feedback regarding the presentation from a friend:
    “On your traffic flow slide, P2 will swap the outer labels, not push a label. Insertion/push are only on the PEs.
    On P1, it should say something like P1 pops the outer label because of PHP (I would stay away from the word push on the P routers)”
    – Please take this into consideration when viewing the slideshow.

  2. Very nice and helpful! I enjoy reading your blog.

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