Posted by: Richard @ | July 16, 2008

“To Read”

I had a read through the documentation for Cisco’s recent 12.4(20)T IOS release yesterday, one or two bloggers have posted demonstrations of some of the new features, but here is a list of what I picked-out from the new software feature list and added to my “toread.txt” document:

Application Inspection and Control for SMTP
Configuring Multicast VPN Inter-AS Support
Configuring BGP Neighbor Session Options
Subscription-based Cisco IOS Content Filtering
Embedded Packet Capture
Flexible Netflow
IOS Firewall H.323 Support
Implementing IPv6 for Network Management
Per-VRF Assignment of BGP Router ID
Object Groups for ACLs
User Based Firewall Support
VRF aware Cisco IOS IPS
WCCP Layer 2 Forwarding, Redirection and Return

The main page for IOS release can be found by clicking on the first hyperlink in this post J

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