Posted by: Richard @ | November 4, 2008

Green is the new black

I received a “Green Update” e-mail today and after glancing over the subjects something caught my attention:

“Announcing time–based PoE on all modular Catalyst PoE linecards

— EEM script solution to turn off PoE devices based on time
— First platforms to offer PoE, ePoE management through switch
— Script for Catalyst 6500 at: TIME BASED POE SCRIPT
— Script for Catalyst 4500: look for an announcement soon

With the support of EEM and scriptable actions, it’s possible to schedule the activation of PoE for a ‘time-based’ operation. This can have a very significant impact for large IP Telephony installations where voice services are not needed during non-business hours.”


Here’s a script that can turn-off telephones during non business hours – if nobody is in a building why power all of the phones?

Two TCL scripts are included in the download, one to turn-off PoE enabled interfaces and a second to search for PoE interfaces in an “off” state and enable PoE again.  EEM triggers the scripts using Cron at customizable times each day (e.g. 6am and 8pm)

Impressive stuff!


A quick update on my studies:

As you have probably noticed I’ve not been blogging to often recently – the reason is because I have given myself a strict schedule between now and my ‘most recent’ exam date.  I have setup a series of Outlook appointments telling me what I should be studying each night – I’m adamant that I won’t put my exam date back again and that’s why I’m being ultra-strict with myself.
During my most recent look at BGP I came across the very interesting “non-exist-maps” and “exist-maps” – I have started a post about them and will aim to get it finished in the near future…



  1. Very interesting. That should save a few bucks off electricty 🙂

  2. Very interesting post…I can’t wait to dig into a little more detail about the EEM scripting capabilities. (another thing to add to the list titled “after I pass the lab”)

    Good luck sticking to your study schedule!

    Outlook reminders is a great way to do it…I went a little more “old school” and printed off a calendar and marked each technology as well as my days off.

  3. Thanks Carl.

    Yes, EEM has great potential and some great scripts have already been created (see “Browse Scripts” @ I always had EEM in my “todo.txt” file but never got the chance to really look at it – unfortunately.

    You should see my outlook at the moment – Big *RED* chunks of time warning colleagues off! I’m at the “overview” stage now after working through each technology from scratch again…

    Thanks again,


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