Posted by: Richard @ | November 18, 2008

Some news

A quick update on what I’ve been up-to…

I travelled to Lancaster University this morning to take the 350-001 exam, and I……








Now, that’s not an easy exam!  My head was hurting afterwards, although I think part of that is the after-effects of trying to judge when a typo in a question is in fact a typo!  Oh and when a question instructs you to view the configuration “shown” and guess what… no configuration is there!  I think I need to find a contact in the States whilst my head still hurts.

What now?  I need to take a step back and work out the best route to Brussels…
During this time I also need to rebuild my home PC, fix a few PCs for family members, reply to a few e-mails (sorry if you’re reading this after sending me one and you are still waiting for a reply), learn some UC stuff (enough to make people think I’m becoming a “specialist”), and finish my non-exist-maps break-down.
I plan to take a look at the 360 program to see if it’s the right choice for me, and actually earn the privilege of my name being put down as a developer of the CCIE Command Memorizer by David Bombal.  A study plan will also be needed; one that is a little bit more “dynamic” in nature (just take a look the end date on my written study plan hehe)

More from my adventures @ Cisco:
I attended a one-day course at Bedfont Lakes last Monday and got chatting with the instructor – he joined Cisco as part of the Selsius acquisition when Cisco first moved into the VOIP space, he currently contributes to the development of the CCIE Voice certification.  Anyway, moving along, whilst chatting I caught “weather pack” and “7970 in my shower”… I said “hang-on, you have a 7970 in your shower!” and the reply was that he had setup an XML app so that he could watch programs on the BBC iPlayer while showering! -> I think I’m going to have to step my geekness up a level if I want to mix-it with the big boys @ Cisco :- )

Lastly, check out Performance Routing



  1. Congratulations Richard!!

    That is excellent news. But, I don’t think there was any doubt about the result.

  2. Thanks David, and you’re one of the people awaiting a reply from me… 🙂

  3. Congrats bro!

    So that’s where you’ve been hiding of late 😉 . Hey, I’m looking forward to hearing more on your adventures with Cisco. It sounds like a truly fulfilling journey for you.

  4. About BLOODY time! 😉

    Well done mate, you know who.

  5. Congratulations Richard!! Well done.

  6. Congratulations Richard! Time to focus on conquering the lab 🙂

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